Nozani E‑Commerce Services


Nozani is an all-inclusive eCommerce management company for small and big retailers selling on Amazon. Their services guide the complete sales process from conducting eCommerce market research to developing eCommerce strategies. Hence, Nozanis methodology incorporates three stages – market research, platform optimization, and ultimately making money. The average revenue increase among their customer base is 200%, highlighting that Nozani has helped retailers substantially in their success journeys.

What does Nozani do?

Nozani assists their clients based on years of eCommerce experience and works in close contact with them. The company offers numerous eCommerce services to their customers, thereby optimizing sales for retailers of all sizes.

  • Content and Keyword Research: To ensure that your website is found in search results, Nozani optimizes your content and keyword research in four steps. First, proprietary keyword research is facilitated to identify the search terms customers are using. Second, the content across the web is analyzed to ensure consistent brand voice and personality. Third, market research will ensure a deep customer understanding that will help the keyword and content optimization. Fourth, Nozani’s methodologies include benefits first writing style and strategic keyword placement to boost traffic and conversions. This process will ensure successful eCommerce marketing. Undergoing this process will result in an overall Amazon optimization.
  • Amazon Management: The service that Nozani offers takes all of the little tasks from sellers that will take time to research. Setting up accounts, listing products, category approval, brand registry, and updates are all handled by Nozani. Customers are supported by a team of Amazon experts including an account manager, content and SEO specialist, graphic designer and professional photographer. Through this kind of Amazon management, sellers can sit back and concentrate on the important decisions.
  • Product and Lifestyle Photography: According to Nozani, 65% of the buyers on Amazon purchase goods based on the quality of the images rather than the actual content. For this reason, the company offers to make high-quality photographs that will increase the attractiveness of product listings at first sight as part of a detailed six-step plan. These are outstanding pictures featuring models, stunning locations, etc., that will attract customers at first sight.
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Management: Advertisement on Amazon will improve customers organic rank and increase sales. Based on extensive experience with Amazon Ads, Nozani has a clear methodology to approach marketing with Amazon. First, a detailed audit of the past and current marketing campaigns are performed. Second, an Amazon advertisement strategy is developed that is tailored to your needs and based on the previous audit. Third, Nozani supports the refinement, optimization, and expansion of your advertisement campaigns. Fourth, the advertisement is scaled once the optimization is completed.
  • Social Media Management: Social media is increasingly important for the promotion of your sales. Nozani helps in aligning a social strategy that fits customer needs and results in more conversions. In doing so, Nozani offers a range of services. First, a dedicated social media expert can support clients to manage content and engagement. Second, an ads expert will advise on traffic generation through carefully placed advertisements from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Third, customer-focused content creation for every step of the marketing funnel is offered. Fourth, Nozani aims to encourage engagement that drives brand loyalty. Fifth, extensive research on the ideal customer is conducted to identify who should be targeted.

Final Word on Nozani

By utilizing all these services, retailers will be guided in online sales processes and have a competitive advantage from the start. This is important for retailers no matter if they are established or have just started.

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