RepricerExpress Amazon & eBay Repricing Software

RepricerExpress is the leading Amazon and eBay repricing solution that’s incredibly easy to set-up and use. Win the Buy Box more and keep your listings competitively priced 24/7 without having to constantly pay attention. Algopix can help you get the price with product insights and market data, and RepricerExpress can adapt your positioning in real time.


RepricerExpress Amazon & eBay Repricer for Online Sellers

Winning Amazon’s Buy Box is one of the greatest victories you can have as an online seller. But getting there is no easy path because Amazon discriminates against sellers based on their customer service, whether or not they offer free and fast shipping, the seller reputation, whether or not they are using Amazon services, and their price. While this might seem harsh, the latter poses the biggest challenge to Amazon sellers because Amazon uses a dynamic pricing strategy that adjusts the price depending on demand and supply. This means that in order to price your products competitively, you must react to price changes on Amazon accordingly which does not allow you to take your eye off of Amazon’s marketplace because you will either lose the Buy Box or fall down in the Offer Listings.

With RepricerExpress’ automatic repricing for sellers, you will save crucial time that you can use to keep other business processes running and, most importantly, win more Buy Box Offerings, which will increase your sales and result in bigger profits. More than 2,800 customers already trust RepricerExpress which has repriced over 75 million listings in the past years.

RepricerExpress for Amazon and eBay

Amazon is home to more than 1.2 million active sellers on their different marketplaces, which means that competition on Amazon is high regardless of the product category. There are those sellers who use Amazon’s services like FBA and others who fulfill their orders themselves (Merchant Fulfillment; MFN). With this in mind, it is clear that you have to distinguish between those sellers who directly compete with you for the Buy Box or the Offer Listing and those that do not. As a result, you might want to run different pricing strategies to keep a competitive edge.

RepricerExpress’ Amazon repricing software enables you to set up specific pricing rules for your products in each marketplace, customize rules for a specific seller demographic like FBA sellers only, include or exclude specific sellers, and set minimum and maximum prices. For example you could say that your price on Amazon US should always be $0.01 lower than the price of your biggest competitor. The same features are now available with RepricerExpress for eBay’s marketplaces as well.

Algopix and RepricerExpress Repricing Software

Before being able to use RepricerExpress for Amazon or eBay to its fullest, you need to research your competition. When selling on multiple marketplaces, this research needs to be done for every marketplace separately. Algopix’s in-depth competition analysis provides you with figures for the number of competitors, the lowest offering on the market, the Buy Box Offering, their seller’s rating, and intel on their fulfillment method. Additionally, Algopix provides a breakdown of all the expenses related to selling a product and the expected profit margin giving you an idea of how low you can price your product. To make Algopix and RepricerExpress an even better fit, Algopix provides these insights for eight different Amazon marketplaces and seven eBay marketplaces worldwide. Out of those 8 Amazon marketplaces, RepricerExpress supports Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada and all of the eBay marketplaces. With Algopix’s comprehensive market research you will be able to form a strategy to position your products on the market which will then be adapted by RepricerExpress.

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