Verified Reviews

Verified reviews are reviews that are collected and checked by a third-party. Verified reviews are crucial on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay as other potential customers rely on them as part of their purchase decision-making process. A bad review can mean a dip in sales, and while positive Amazon verified reviews help to establish sellers are credible and trustworthy.

How does it work?

After a customer buys one of your products, a third-party website will send the customer an email asking about their user experience and inviting them to leave comments regarding their purchasing experience with that particular seller. On Amazon, these comments are referred to as Amazon verified reviews, and on eBay, this is known as verified product reviews.

Why is it important?

Reviews are critical for your business growth as nearly 58% of all customers look at a seller’s rating. It is crucial that the reviews of your products are verified as being from actual customers. If your site has a fake positive review and a customer discovers it, then you lose credibility as a seller and destroy your credibility with the customer.

Sellers can decipher which reviews are real and which ones are not by looking for vague responses or reviews with a link to a competitor. If your site has a false negative review, this can hurt your site’s overall rating and eBay and Amazon have methods in place to help sellers dispute such reviews. To help verify and gain credible reviews, many sellers use a third-party review platform so they can spend their time on other, more profitable, business tasks.

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