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Identify product demand
Accurate sales estimates for products on Amazon
Historical product data to track trends and sales performance
Get trade identifier data for any product
Start tracking a product for any changes in price and demand
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Stay Ahead with Proactive Product Tracking

Dynamic Product Monitoring: Initiate real-time tracking for any product to stay updated on pivotal changes in price and demand.
Always be in the loop: Get notified when key signals change for a product: Price, rank and sales.
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Tailored for Your Success

User-Friendly Interface: Effortlessly navigate through comprehensive data with our intuitive design.
Seamless Integration: Click, analyze, and strategize – directly from your Chrome browser.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Algopix offer a free trial?
With our latest plan offerings, Algopix users do not need to sign up for a trial version anymore. Simply sign up for the Basic plan to start gaining insights, or choose the Amazon Community plan to connect and receive more robust sales data and get all the Algopix features you need, at no cost.
How do I know which plan is right for my business?

The Basic plan is suitable for smaller sellers, beginners or users who want to try out and test the Algopix capabilities without any risk. This plan is also good for users who are looking to gain more information about specific products or items.

The Amazon Community plan is our most popular plan, suitable for merchants that sell on Amazon. These sellers can save time (and dollars) by connecting their sales data (Amazon Seller Central account) in exchange for leveraging more robust features and granular data that the business plan offers, but at no additional cost.

The Business plan is suitable for medium to large sellers who may have a bit more experience, and are looking to optimize their businesses for more sustainable growth.

Can I connect my Amazon Seller Central account?
Yes, sellers can connect their Algopix accounts with their Amazon Seller Central accounts by using a secured AWS authentication. This connection allows users to get the benefits of the business plan but without the cost. Plus, receive an automatic analysis of your Amazon store in exchange for connecting.
What marketplaces are supported today?

Today, Algopix supports the following marketplaces: Amazon US, eBay US, Walmart US, Amazon UK, eBay UK, Amazon CA, Amazon DE, eBay DE, Amazon FR, eBay FR, Amazon ES, eBay ES, Amazon IT, eBay IT, Amazon AU, eBay AU, Amazon MX.

We are always looking for new marketplaces to support, so if you have a suggestion, drop us a line here:

Can I make changes to my plan?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. You can also cancel your Business plan at any time and return to the complimentary Basic plan.
Will my subscription renew automatically?
Yes, when you subscribe to a paid plan, it will renew automatically (regardless of being a monthly or a yearly plan). You will receive a notification by email with a new invoice.
Can I connect my eBay and Walmart seller accounts?
At this time Algopix does not support eBay and connections, but are planning on adding these options soon.
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