Australia Post For eCommerce

Australia Post For eCommerce

The Australian Postal Corporation was established in 1975, as a way to take over the responsibility of the Postmaster-General’s Department in Australia. Since its founding, Australia Post has committed itself to “create connections and opportunities that matter to every Australian” by providing affordable and trustworthy postal services, retail services, express distribution, parcel services, and eServices.


Australia Post’s Future-Ready Strategy

Following a change in management, Australia Post adjusted their organizational structure, including the creation of their eServices business unit. The goal is to create a way for Australians to grow their businesses by providing sellers with the resources to sell products within Australian and in international marketplaces.

Australia Post’s eCommerce department provides Australian sellers with the ability to find places to sell their products online, accept payments from customers, and provides widgets, such as a postage calculator, for their online stores, as described below.

  • Find Places to Sell:
    • Online Farmers’ Market: Australia Post provides Australian farmers/ producers with an additional way to sell their homegrown products to the Australian public.
    • Sell to Asia: If you are an Australian seller looking to expand into the Asian market, Australia Post can help you connect to the largest eCommerce market in the world by providing you with the ability to sell your products through their online storefronts.
  • Accept Payments from Customers: Australia Post offers a variety of secure payment options for its sellers, providing customers with the ability to pay for products/ shipping the way they want.
  • Widgets: Australia Post provides sellers the ability to give their customers better shopping experiences by adding Australia Post eCommerce integration widgets such as delivery options, and postage calculator APIs to their online stores.

Australia Post for eBay and Amazon Sellers

Australia Post for eBay stores makes managing eBay sales easy, by providing flat rate prices to eBay AU sellers sending products within Australia. eBay AU sellers have two ways to manage shipping with Australia Post. Option one is to use eBay packaging with flat rate shipping from Australia Post, or, option two is for sellers to use their own packaging and pay eBay postage rates. The majority opt for the flat rate option. This allows sellers to know exactly how much to charge for delivery, print postage labels from home/work, manage eBay sales all in one place, and choose from a variety of flat-rate packaging sizes and weights up to 5kg.

Estimating Shipping Costs with Algopix

When it comes to pricing your products on your online stores, you must take into consideration all expenses associated with selling your product, including shipping costs. Analyzing all your expenses and developing a pricing strategy based on these findings, takes a lot of work and time. Algopix, an automated product market research platform provides a solution to this time-consuming task. All you need to do is enter the product identifier, purchase price, product condition (e.g. new or used), shipment method, and target markets into the search field. Within a matter of moments, you will be able to see a full expense breakdown associated with selling your product, including shipping costs (based on the products dimensions), marketplace fees and taxes. Algopix allows Australia sellers to calculate shipping costs for any product being sent from Australia. Using this information, combined with the rest of Algopix expense insights, sellers increase sales, lower risk and can develop a pricing strategy that provides the biggest profit margin.

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