Walmart Market Research

Walmart is synonymous with broad market access – it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing marketplaces online. Using Algopix insights, sellers can unlock market research and product analysis for better pricing, better positioning, and accurate shipping information.


Selling on Walmart with Algopix

Walmart is probably one of the most attractive marketplaces in North America regarding future growth right now. In order to sell on Walmart’s marketplace you need to apply and must wait until you’re approved. This application process makes sure that only high quality sellers are on their platform. Once in Walmart’s inner circle, you have the privilege of not having to pay account fees, setup fees, or monthly subscription fees like on other marketplaces. Walmart only charges referral fees, that vary depending on product categories.

eCommerce Product Research

As a seller on Walmart’s marketplace, you should have a product spectrum that brings you some revenue. Also, you probably know that this product spectrum has to change in order to meet ever changing market demands. Algopix offers an easy-to-use platform to analyse products regarding market demand, expected profit, and much more. Even though Algopix focuses on Amazon’s and eBay’s marketplaces, it recently added Walmart US to its supported marketplaces. This allows Walmart sellers to get an idea about product demand, optimal product prices, and expected profit margins from Algopix’s useful insights resulting in faster and more educated product sourcing decisions.
product insights across selected markets

Walmart Marketplace Fees

There may be no fees other than referral fees on Walmart’s marketplace, however taxes and shipping costs may apply depending on where you’re shipping. For this purpose, Algopix supports a detailed expense analysis that helps sellers on all marketplaces get an idea of possible taxes or logistic fees. With this in mind, you will be provided with an estimated profit margin, which, complemented with the referral fees, offers good insights into your actual profit margin.
eBay & Amazon expenses analysis

Keeping a close eye on your competitors can help you not only better understand how to position yourself in the market, but also offers valuable insights in possible market trends. Brands that sell through multiple channels especially need to get insights on their competitor in different, international markets and assess strategies to increase brand awareness. Therefore, Algopix allows you to take a closer look at your competition on Amazon’s and eBay’s marketplace, delivering you intel for further strategic planning right at your fingertips.

Walmart Product Marketing

Being part of Walmart’s marketplace has many advantages, like millions of potential customers, but you still need to sell your products.

By optimizing your listings on Walmart’s marketplace and aiming for their Buy Box you will be able to channel more customers to your listings.

Gaining additional traffic from outside of Walmart’s marketplace will increase your chances to sell more and grants you an advantage over your competition. For this purpose, search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most popular strategies used by online sellers to drive off-site traffic to their listings. Google AdWords allows you to bid on keywords and search phrases you want your ads to be displayed on. When your bid is the highest, your ad show up on the Google search page for the respective keyword. Every time a potential customer clicks on your ad, a payment to Google AdWords is due. This model is commonly referred to as pay-per-click campaign (PPC). Your cost-per-click depends on your final bid, the popularity of the keyword and your bidding competition.

In order to set up a solid Google AdWords campaign, this information is needed. Algopix can deliver valuable insights for Google AdWords. It will provide you with a recommended search phrase, the associated cost-per-click, the level of bidding competition, and estimated cost-per-acquisition. All of this information is aggregated in Algopix’s easy-to-read interface, allowing you to make fast business decisions and spend your marketing budget more effectively.

When you’re offering multiple items, the desire to assess all of them in short time is huge. Thanks to Algopix’s bulk analysis, you can do that. Simply upload a CSV file with all your product info and Algopix takes care of the rest, delivering results in just a few minutes.

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