Brightpearl Inventory Management

Brightpearl provides advanced management tools, such as sales order management, inventory management, planning and more for eCommerce businesses, such as Amazon marketplaces and retail.


Brightpearl is a company that provides business management tools for sellers, both for eCommerce such as Amazon multi-marketplace, and brick-and-mortar retail. The company’s suite of solutions includes sales order management, inventory management, planning, retail accounting and much more, all of which can be integrated smoothly into the seller’s operations. Brightpearl provides sellers instant access to key data, allowing you to make more educated decisions regarding the growth of your business. According to the company, it can improve your order processing efficiency by 70%.

Business Management Solutions for Sellers

Brightpearl’s multichannel order management software allows sellers to take control of their eCommerce business, as well as omnichannel retail software for wholesalers, online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores and more. Additionally, sellers can take full advantage of Amazon inventory management, as well as Brightpearl eBay integration.

Simplifying Business Management

The amount of data in today’s eCommerce world can be staggering. That’s why solutions like Brightpearl can be so beneficial to businesses: its tools help sort the chaff from the wheat and help make business management much more efficient. With Brightpearl, sellers can get orders out quicker, manage multichannel orders better, manage backorders and preorders, integrate points of sale, process offline orders and much more.

Product Research & Analysis with Brightpearl

While Brightpearl helps to enhance and tighten management processes within the company, Algopix’s product & market research can help you extract valuable insight about potential marketplaces, competitive analysis and insight about products you sell and where. Algopix uses numerous data sources to calculate the market demand for a product in 16 different eBay and Amazon marketplaces.