ChannelAdvisor Inventory Management

ChannelAdvisor connects its retail customers with new and existing sources of demand for their products as well as digital marketing channels, such as eBay, Amazon, Sears and Walmart. Algopix can help you gauge product demand and comparable shipping information from Amazon and eBay marketplaces.


What does ChannelAdvisor do?

Since 2001, ChannelAdvisor has been a constant companion of successful eCommerce businesses. Its cloud-based eCommerce software provides a wide range of features that help you grow your sales and business quickly. ChannelAdvisor’s success is reflected in how it serves more than 2,800 customers. In 2017, users of ChannelAdvisor processed almost $9 billion in gross merchandise volume through the platform.

While Algopix provides you with crucial information about product demand and supply in different markets as well as logistical insights, ChannelAdvisor complements this information by supporting you throughout your sales operations on one or multiple markets at a time. A wide feature set ranging from content optimization, over-intelligent repricers, fulfillment networks, and product monitoring makes it one of the most complete multi-channel eCommerce solutions on the market.

ChannelAdvisor Inventory Management

Keeping an overview of your inventory is an essential part of maintaining your business. But, it doesn’t stop at just knowing what’s in your storage: you need to know what to add to your inventory, organize the storage of your inventory, and control the reordering process. If you don’t manage your inventory, you will be left with an over- or understock of products, will run into issues with your promised delivery times, and may lose customers to competitors.

Algopix helps you identify profitable products to add to your sales mix that will sell. Insights into a product’s demand and supply lay the foundation for you to understand the market dynamics and to know what to order. You will be provided with this information for 15 international marketplaces, thereby allowing you to adjust your product selection for each marketplace.

When it comes to business operations, ChannelAdvisor’s Inventory Management solution has your back. Their ability to process big data and produce valuable output will help you keep track of your inventory and everything related to the management. Their demand forecaster facilitates the process of calculating your future inventory needs. Features like their Out-of-Stock Inventory Blocking, quantity management, or prioritized distribution centers ensure that you only sell products that are in stock, that you order them on time, and manage your fulfillment methods.

Combining Algopix’s eBay and Amazon market research with ChannelAdvisor guarantees for a trouble-free process starting at sourcing the best product, to keeping it in storage, and delivering it to your customers fast.

Cross-Channel selling with ChannelAdvisor

Selling on one marketplace does not represent the modern way consumers do their online shopping. With around 86% of consumers using at least two shopping channels, it has become increasingly important for online sellers to offer their products on more than one marketplace. This will also grow your business significantly since retailers who sell on multiple marketplaces see on average a 190% higher revenue than those who stick to selling on one marketplace. Selling on multiple channels at the same time; however, comes with an increased workload that can become overwhelming quickly.

Algopix relieves your headache of researching all of your products for each desired marketplace separately by providing product market insights for 15 different Amazon or eBay marketplaces. There is no need to make 15 separate search queries but only one. This allows you to quickly adjust your sales mix for different countries and platforms, laying the foundation for a successful multi-channel strategy.

When it comes to execution, ChannelAdvisor enjoys an outstanding reputation as an industry’s favorite multi-channel eCommerce solution that is able to integrate a large number of markets and sales channels into their central platform. They offer their service for almost 90 marketplaces, including ChannelAdvisor for eBay, Amazon, Sears, Rakuten, Walmart, and many more. They even provide an integration for ChannelAdvisor for Shopify and connect you with digital marketing platforms. Once everything is connected, you can easily keep an overview of all markets that you are active on, manage your listings and inventory, fulfillment, and all dropshipping activities.

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