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FedEx is a is logistics provider, delivering packages and freight across the world on the ground, through the sea and in the air. FedEx, however, intends to deliver more than simply a package. Their 425,000 team members deliver aid in moments of crisis and good news in happy times.

What does FedEx do and what they stand for?

FedEx offers two eCommerce shipping solutions to their clients – FedEx Web Services and customized solutions. FedEx shipping integration for eCommerce is made available through FedEx Web Services. The integration is enabled through a next-generation API that is built into software applications and offers logistical insights. Depending on your unique needs the programming of the API can be customized. FedEx Web Services conforms with industry standards, allows customers to streamline their operations, and enables access to a large pool of resources (product planning guidance, documentation, sample code, etc.).

FedEx also offers customized solutions for companies that are industry-specific, satisfy individual customer needs and adapt to companies IT capabilities. Among others, the key benefits of utilizing the customized solution are that FedEx multichannel eCommerce is made available and that a dedicated project team will lead the implementation of the solution within the company.

FedEx Shipments for Amazon and eBay

Facilitating FedEx for eCommerce is common on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay because it is a reliable alternative for product delivery. Merchants on eBay and Amazon have to compare and contrast FedEx with other shipping alternatives and decide which solution fits their needs best.

FedEx in Amazon Seller Central is a partnered delivery alternative for fulfillment by merchant. Most Amazon sellers choose a partnered logistic provider because the rates are cheaper than making use of an external third-party logistics provider (Amazon partnered with UPS and FedEx). Amazon Prime and consequently Fulfillment by Amazon primarily make use of UPS but also ship through FedEx for specific destinations and on Sundays. This is because UPS does not cover all locations that Amazon delivers and does not operate on Sundays.

On eBay, there is no standard shipping method which enables merchants to make use of their third-party logistics provider of choice. Amongst others, it is possible to ship with FedEx on eBay. If merchants connect their FedEx account with eBay, they are eligible for a discount which will increase their margins and reduce eBay fees. Hence, it makes financial sense to deliver with FedEx when selling on eBay.

Estimating Shipping Costs with Algopix

In order to estimate sales expenses and specifically shipping costs, extensive research is required. This takes much time and effort. Also, there is still room for human error and changing market dynamics which could result in cost fluctuations that could disadvantage sellers decision making. A solution to this problem is the use of automated product and market research tools like Algopix which will allow you to estimate expenses including shipping costs accurately within a matter of a mouse click. Although Algopix calculates USPS rates, the information is still valuable to merchants making use of FedEx because the shipping costs can be compared and contrasted, thereby highlighting the cheaper alternatives. Based on this, merchants have an indicator for the assessment of shipping costs.

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