Linnworks Order Management Software

Linnworks is an innovative, multi-channel eCommerce platform that helps over 4,000 online retailers automate their key business processes, reduce costs, and manage their selling operations. Order management from Linnworks can help you sell on the Amazon and eBay marketplaces, and Algopix offers product insights and research to help you along the way.


Linnworks Order Management Software

Order Management involves much more than just tracking your orders, but also any process that has a potential influence on the fulfillment of the order. Examples include keeping track of the inventory and maintaining the partnership with vendors and shipping companies. Order Management Software have become increasingly popular amongst online sellers because it facilitates daily tasks immensely, especially in a more globalized world like ours today.

Linnworks allows you to automate your online selling process across different marketplaces, which not only allows you to save time, but also money. At the same time, it reduces human errors like overselling, which improves your overall business performance.

Order Management Software for eBay, Amazon, Shopify

Linnworks’ cloud platform covers all important tasks of order management so you can keep an up-to-date overview over your supply chain at any given moment in time. It enables you to synchronize, edit, update, and fulfill orders for any of the online marketplaces you are selling on. Additionally, it integrates directly with your vendors and shipping providers, which always keeps a communication channel with them open and syncs important tracking information. This streamlines your replenishment and fulfillment process, making your work not only more efficient but also saving you time.

But, this is not where it stops. Linnworks also takes the hard work out of listing your items on each sales channel separately by supporting bulk listings for hundreds of items. Changing descriptions, prices, and shipping carriers across all of your marketplaces have never been easier.

eBay’s and Amazon’s marketplaces

With one centralized platform that allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your supply chain, manage your inventory, and integrate with vendors and shipping providers, all that is left to wish for is a large set of supported marketplaces.

Linnworks meets these desires with its diverse integrations. Not only is it an eBay order management software or Amazon order management software, but it also easily integrates with other marketplaces like Sears and Walmart. As a multi-channel retailer, most people also run their own webstore, which is why you can get Linnworks for Shopify and Magento, too.

Algopix’s comprehensive product market research for eBay’s and Amazon’s marketplaces and Linnworks’ multi-channel eCommerce platform complement each other in a couple of ways. First, Algopix provides data for seven eBay and Amazon marketplaces respectively that all are supported by Linnworks, too. These marketplaces include Amazon and eBay in the US, in Germany, in France, in the UK, Amazon Canada and eBay Australia to name a few. With extensive insights into a product’s market demand, supply, and expenses, you are able to make the right sourcing decisions for any given marketplace. Linnworks then makes sure you easily fulfill your orders in a timely manner and only sell as much as your inventory allows you to.

Second, Linnworks’ reports will give you valuable information about your business and inventory performance so you can adjust your processes on the run. Algopix delivers crucial insights into products across different marketplaces so you can lay the foundation for a successful sales mix and sourcing strategy. Together, you will have a clearer picture of how to position your business in the market and how your business strategy performs in the real world.

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