Payability Financing For Amazon Sellers

Payability, based in New York, provides financing for eCommerce sellers all over the world. Since their beginnings in 2016, they have provided over $1 billion in financing for marketplace sellers. Payability was founded by Scott Lynn, and Keith Smith, who have a combined 55 years of experience in the online business world. They saw a market need after constantly hearing from suppliers that their payment terms were lengthening. They saw the consistent cash-flow gaps as an issue, and thus developed Payability to provide financing solutions for eCommerce sellers, to address these problems.


Payability Seller Card

The Payability Seller Card is the first card made specifically for eCommerce sellers. The Payability Seller Card is the simplest and quickest way for sellers to access their funds from their marketplace sales. The Payability Seller Card allows you to quickly access funds and reinvest them into your business, on your schedule. The Payability Seller Card works with major marketplaces such as Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and Sears. Currently, the majority of seller card owners use the Payability Amazon service.

Payability Seller Card features:

  • Up to 2% cashback on all spend
  • Up to 20% additional cashback when you become a new customer of select seller tools and pay subscription fees with the Payability Seller Card
  • 24/7/365 access to marketplace sales
  • A physical card that works anywhere Visa is accepted

Customers with a Payability Seller Card have two products to choose from Instant Access and Instant Advance:

  1. Instant Access is a product that allows sellers to receive marketplace payments every day. This alleviates the struggle of waiting weeks to receive revenue from your marketplace sales and provides consistent cash flow, enabling you to reinvest in your business on your schedule. Instant Access has a flat fee between 1% and 2% of gross sales.
  2. Instant Advance is the product that provides growth capital for your eCommerce business. For example, let’s say you sell on Amazon. Payability will provide financing for Amazon sellers by purchasing all of your Amazon receivables and providing you with that capital the same day. This enables sellers to purchase more inventory, provide new products, and collect on the best deals from suppliers. Instant Advance has custom rates between 5% and 1% per week.

Getting Started with Payability

How to get started with Payability Instant Access:

  1. Sign up for Payability to access your funds as soon as tomorrow.
  2. Connect your marketplace accounts so the Payability team can review your account health and sales history.
  3. Review and Activate your account so you can access your Payability funds the very same day! You can transfer available funds directly to your bank account, or have the funds available to spend on your Payability Seller Card.

How to get started with Payability Instant Advance:

  1. Submit an application in order for your business to be evaluated. You supply your marketplace sales history so Payability can provide the best possible offer.
  2. Get Approval: After submitting an application, you will work directly with the Payability team to get the appropriate funding for your business.
  3. Access your funds after you have been approved. You will be able to transfer your funds directly to your bank account or to spend them directly from the Payability Seller Card.

Payability and Algopix

After receiving Instant Access or Instant Advance funding from Payability, it is crucial you make the most of your funds, by making informed business decisions. In order to make smart, informed business decisions you must utilize a product market research tool, to ensure you source the right products. Algopix, a dynamic product market research tool, can help you analyze demand, expenses, competition, increase sales and lower risk. With connection to 16 international Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces, Algopix will not only tell you which markets to sell your products in, but for how much. Additionally, Algopix provides a product’s sales volume and gross merchandise volume for the past month, giving you an idea of how many units you will be able to sell of a particular product. Get the most out of your Payability funding by using Algopix to source in-demand products, that net a profit margin you desire.

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