Solid Commerce Multichannel Order & Inventory Management Software

Built as a SaaS company, Solid Commerce is a one-stop-shop for bulk listings, order management, dynamic repricing, and shipping tools for sellers. Using Algopix research and product insights, you can get the most out of your Solid Commerce tools with help from our platform and our professional advice.


Multi-Marketplace E-Commerce Solution

Sadly, running an online store alone does not make a successful business nowadays. Since online marketplaces dominate the eCommerce landscape and are expected to account for 66% of online retail sales by 2022, most online sellers diversify their sales channels by offering their products on eBay, Amazon, or other marketplaces too. Multitasking your inventory, sales mix, order fulfillment, and everything else becomes exponentially challenging when adding more sales channels. This is why Multi-Channel Order & Inventory Management Software like Solid Commerce are popular amongst online sellers.

Solid Commerce supports over 60 marketplaces around the world and manages 45 million SKUs and 20 million shipments in the last year alone. In 2017 their platform processed a transaction value worth $1 billion, speaking for Solid Commerce’s popularity.

Inventory Management Software

Solid Commerce consists of multiple features that cover different parts of online business operations ranging from facilitating multi-channel listings to order management & shipping.

Its intuitive platform supports multiple marketplaces,like Amazon, eBay, and Sears,and online stores such as Shopify and Magento,enabling you to quickly add new sales channels and have them up and running in a matter of minutes. You can then create and manage all of your product listings from one place, keep an overview of your prices, and even let their automatic repricer for Amazon change prices dynamically to keep a competitive edge.

With your online business operating on multiple channels, it is crucial not to lose the overview of your inventory. Knowing how many products are still in stock and when to reorder will help you not oversell products and scale your business faster. Solid Commerce’s inventory management solution takes this headache away by synchronizing your inventory across sales channels,independent of the number of warehouses you’re using. An additional integration with your ERP, WMS, or other inventory management systems allows you to streamline your operational efforts to grow your business. To top it all off, Solid Commerce also handles your order management, making your business operation more efficient and saving you more time to focus on other business tasks.

Solid Commerce Inventory Management and Algopix

Algopix provides you with extensive product market research for 15 different eBay and Amazon marketplaces. Insights into a product’s demand level, unit sales in the past month, competition, and costs for selling allow for a comprehensive assessment of products for your sales mix and new potential marketplaces. Knowing what products to source and where to sell for what price is half the battle. Solid Commerce then helps you make your plan become a reality by enabling you to manage your Amazon, Walmart, and eBay inventory in one central platform. Solid Commerce fulfillment also becomes easier thanks to its integration with shipping providers. Lastly, its various reports on your business operations allow you to track your performance and adjust your business decisions accordingly. Leveraging Algopix’s market insights and Solid Commerce’s multi-channel eCommerce solution will help you position your business on the market and grow it rapidly.

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