StreetPricer eBay Repricing Tool

Street pricer is an Artificial Intelligence based eBay dynamic repricing, Price Monitoring and eBay Competitor Analysis tool for all eBay and online retailers. The idea for StreetPricer was envisioned in 2003 when its founder, Cardy, started selling on eBay. Knowing the importance of pricing products competitively, he developed a database that he called SLD (Search, Lock and Destroy). In 2017, Cardy commercialized his product and StreetPricer was born. StreetPricer eBay repricing software offers Price Monitoring, Dynamic repricing and competitor Analysis features that help you stay on top of your competition based on eBay sales analysis data.


Getting Started with StreetPricer eBay Repricing Tool

StreetPricer offers 4 different subscription plans to choose from:

  1. Standard- This StreetPricer account costs $29 USD per month. This type of account is geared for eBay sellers who only have 1 eBay store and sell up to 1,000 products per month.
  2. Standard- This StreetPricer account costs $79 USD per month. This type of account is geared for eBay sellers who have 2 eBay stores and sell up to 5,000 products per month.
  3. Elite- This type of account costs $129 USD per month. This type of account is geared for eBay sellers who have 3 eBay stores and sell up to 10,000 products per month.
  4. Professional- This type of account costs $189 USD per month. This type of account is geared for eBay sellers who have 5 eBay stores and sell up to 20,000 products per month.

After you subscribe to StreetPricer, the next step is to fill in your contact info and connect your account to eBay. You will be directed to eBay’s site so you can log in and grant access to integrate your eBay and StreetPricer accounts. Once you do this, StreetPricer is ready to go. To help get the best results you can add information such as competitor stores, keywords and pricing rules to help guide StreetPricer.

eBay and StreetPricer

Selling on eBay is competitive, making utilizing an eBay pricing tool such as StreetPricer increasingly important for success. Prices are always fluctuating online, which is why it is important to price your products competitively. The eBay market is price driven and eBay buyers are always looking for the best deal, so to ensure that you are staying ahead, using an eBay repricer tool can help you build sales revenue and grow your market share while saving time and money. But how does Streetpricer do it? The StreetPricer Radar is the key to their success. This highly analytical tool was built by StreetPricer to process eBay data such as sales volumes and product prices. StreetPricer has Artificial Intelligence algorithms in place to mimic your thought processes as a seller. Using both of these tools, StreetPricer also created an AutoPricer engine that reprices based on configurable rules that you set up. All three of these features combined will give you unparalleled knowledge and control of pricing at the top of your market and above your competitors.

StreetPricer eBay Repricing Tool and Algopix

Algopix, is an automated product market research tool that allows you to analyze the demand for products across 7 international eBay marketplaces. Simply enter a product identifier, select the marketplaces you want to analyze, and within a matter of moments, Algopix will provide valuable insights to help you succeed as an eBay seller. One of the most valuable insights Algopix provides is their analysis of the competition. The in-depth competition analysis provides information regarding the number of competitors, lowest price offering on the market, seller rating, and intel on their fulfillment method. Additionally, Algopix provides a breakdown of expenses, allowing you to understand what your margins will be. Using this information, you can develop a pricing strategy, which will then be utilized by StreetPricer.

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