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Zellis is an eCommerce consultancy that helps online retailers and merchants to grow their business across marketplaces or their own webshop. The company is lead by Tim Davies, who has over 25 years of experience across industries. During his time at eBay Australia, he built substantial eCommerce knowledge that is put into practice by offering clients various services, consulting, and training.

What does Zellis do?

Being successful in eCommerce environments is hard and often underestimated. To help their clients in the most effective way, Zellis mainly supports five crucial tasks.

  1. Attracting customers
  2. Engaging customers
  3. Converting customers
  4. Delivering what you promised
  5. Reactivating customers

In supporting these tasks, Zellis accelerates the effective development of eCommerce product strategy & sourcing, as well as providing assistance in marketing and legal constraints.

Services, consulting and training offered by Zellis

The eCommerce landscape is vast and is continuously growing. Zellis provides unique services, consulting and training across different domains and marketplaces. This deep know-how is vital to the success of merchants and retailers on specific online platforms. For this reason, Zellis offers a range of distinct services, consulting and training that are domain specific.

  • Neto services: Neto is an all-in-one eCommerce, point of sale, inventory, and fulfillment solution. Zellis is a certified partner of Neto and offers support in the setting up the account, highlighting the value of the software, and assisting eBay sales.
  • Shopify services: Shopify is one of the leading shopping cart systems. Zellis can assist in setting up successful online stores with Shopify. They manage Zellis Shopify design & integration which will impact how the webshop is built up substantially.
  • eBay Services: Zellis offers a range of different services for eBay which is also their main competency. First, Zellis offers to improve eBay store design by making the layout more intuitive and improving functionality. Zellis even replicates your own webshop in an eBay store, making the user experience authentic and unique. Second, in the eBay store audit, Tim Davies will personally review and assess your eBay store. Clients receive a 6-8 page report including a detailed analysis of search optimization, growth opportunities and much more. Third, there are other customized eBay insights that Zellis makes available to their clients. These can include anything from account setup to improving seller ratings.
  • Amazon Services: Zellis analyzes customers inventory and assists the listing process on Amazon to ensure that the products are not rejected and placed effectively. Zellis for Amazon Australia is the main domain. Further, Zellis provides assistance in adding products to the Amazon catalog in case they have not been listed earlier. At last, Zellis is the main partner for integration of Neto and Amazon.
  • Consulting: The extensive eCommerce knowledge base of Zellis enables them to provide consulting services across domains to support a range of business tasks. Beyond that, based on the experience and connections with eBay, Zellis offers account management for sellers to optimize sales and help with any other issues (e.g. legal).
    Training: Zellis offers training for teams and individuals in two domains – eCommerce and eBay. The training can incorporate different topics and agendas from account set-up to marketing insights. Due to the fact that the Zellis has an extensive eCommerce knowledge base, they can provide advice in various domains.

Final Word on Zellis

Overall, the services, consulting and training offered by Zellis can support online merchants and retailers in their pursuit of success. Zellis covers many domains but their core competency lies in advising eBay sellers to accelerate their sales.

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