Zentail Multichannel eCommerce Software

Zentail is multichannel made simple. Zentail allows you to centrally manage product information, inventory, orders and vendors in one platform. The software allows you to make smarter, faster decisions with advanced multichannel analytics. Zentails multichannel ecommerce software was created in 2011 and is based in the United States. Their software optimizes the way online retailers conduct business. In today’s age, around 86% of consumers use at least two shopping channels to conduct their online shopping. This has made the need for sellers to offer their products on more than one marketplace increasingly important. This need is how Zentail was born. Zentail is a technology-enabled multichannel retailer platform with connections to the largest channels within the ecommerce ecosystem. Zentail integrations include Amazon, Walmart, Jet, eBay, Google Shopping, Shopify and more. Zentail software provides a wide range of features that helps you increase revenue and manage all aspects of your ecommerce business, in one centralized platform.


Multichannel eCommerce made easy

Whether you sell on Jet.com, sell on Walmart, sell on Amazon or sell on eBay, Zentails eCommerce platform provides you with the tools to succeed. Zentail’s main features include:

  1. Zentail SMART types– Zentail SMART types enable you to upload your products to their system, which then get automatically categorized using Zentails product data mapping technology.
  2. Order Management– Orders are automatically sent to your warehouse system, FBA, or 3PL allowing you to manage orders and inventory for all your products directly from the Zentail platform. If they do not currently support your warehouse system, Zentail offers customized integrations.
  3. Catalog & Inventory Syncing– Zentail allows you to easily synchronize your inventory for products with multiple SKUs and different attributes and publish product data wherever you want.
  4. Business Analytics– Zentail provides actionable insights that enable you to make informed business decisions to limit risk and increase sales.
  5. Automatic Repricer tool– Zentails automatic competitive repricing tool is proven to maximize profits by enabling you to stay ahead of your competition
  6. Channel Overrides– Selling the same product on different channels? No problem! Zentail lets you send different values for price, title and description to different sales channels.

On top of these features mentioned above, Zentail automatically imports product data, tells you how to optimize your listings, and even alerts you when it’s time to replenish inventory. No matter if you are selling on Amazon marketplace with Zentail, selling on eBay marketplace with Zentail or using Zentail Shopify, Zentail provides everything you need to make your life as an ecCmmerce seller a more seamless and efficient process.

Zentail and Algopix

When conducting multichannel eCommerce, managing inventory and orders from different marketplaces can be an overwhelming task. Zentail allows you to manage everything in one platform, saving you time, keeping you more organized and making daily operations more efficient. The biggest challenge with multichannel selling is that you never know how a certain product will sell across different platforms and different countries. That is why many multichannel sellers, utilize Algopix, a product market research tool prior to listing products on their website. With a connection to 16 international eBay, Amazon and Walmart marketplaces, Algopix is the perfect research tool to make multichannel selling easier. Algopix allows you to research all of your products for each desired marketplace all in one search query. This results in lowering risk, increasing sales, and will ultimately set you up for great success as a multichannel eCommerce seller.

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