How to open an Amazon store?

So you have decided to open an Amazon store? Congratulations! Opening a store on Amazon can be a path towards great e-commerce selling success across multiple international markets. Many successful sellers have found lucrative business opportunities across Amazon marketplaces and have established long-term and profitable partnerships with manufacturers and other partners.

How to open up a store on Amazon is relatively simple but you’ll need to follow a few but manageable basic steps, including:
Open an Amazon Seller account
● Use an Amazon product research tool
● Do your research and be prepared

The opening of a store is designed to be a relatively simple and painless process, and it’s important to keep in mind that it does not necessitate any outside help (think: web design or otherwise). Keeping these simple steps in mind, you can start selling on Amazon quickly and easily.

Do your due diligence

Whether or not to open a store, or whether to take the individual or professional plan can be a confusing decision without accurate and vital data insights. Take your time and learn about associated fees and benefits by doing your due diligence. Through the help of Alogpix’s Amazon product research platform, you will gain instant insights into product demand, cost, fees, and more actionable insights that you can leverage into strategic business decisions during the process of opening your store.

Knowing which products will succeed in what marketplaces, before you open your store, can save you time, money and many hours of research. Once you’re armed with the right information you can move more confidently towards your goal, knowing you’re prepared and have taken proper precautions to reduce risk.

How to open an Amazon store?

To start selling on Amazon, you must first create a Seller Central account. You only need one seller account within a single marketplace, even if you’d like to sell a multitude of different products. A seller would need to open an Amazon seller account again if he or she planned on selling in another continent or region. For example, a seller in North America (Amazon Canada, Amazon U.S, and Amazon Mexico) can use one Seller Central account, but if that same seller wanted to expand and sell to Amazon Germany, that seller would need to open an additional Seller Central Europe account.

Opening a Seller Central account is quite easy, and from here you will be able to manage your backend business processes and communicate with customers. The most essential benefits to a Seller Central account are the Amazons seller tools that are found within it. Seller Central gives sellers access to crucial business information and metrics from payment to PPC analyses to sales reports. This crucial data would otherwise take many hours to acquire and is instrumental in adjusting strategies and growing revenue for any online business. In Seller Central, you can also manage orders, maintain customer service, and contact Amazon for help with any questions or concerns.

Amazon branded stores

Amazon gives sellers the opportunity to open their open branded stores on Amazon’s marketplaces. Branded stores are a viable method with which to increase customer engagement and increase your brand’s visibility. By creating an Amazon store, sellers can drive more consumer engagement through a curated design that remains true to your brand’s main aesthetics and goals. The best news? Amazon vendors or sellers that are brand owners are eligible to create stores, and it does not require any extra skills or resources spent on paying outside professional help. Through available templates, store owners can quickly assemble a beautiful store quickly, and stores can go live within 72 hours.

Each Amazon store is unique and is given a URL similar to The available built-in social media features make it easy for customers to share products with friends and on their various pages, increasing your potential views and increasing visibility. Marketing and promotional extensions are also available for Amazon stores, including features like headline search ads, a link to your store in the brand byline, and built-in metrics all to help to attract new customers and create more awareness for your store.

Yes, resellers too

Due to the high volume of Amazon resellers, the competition is quite tough and sellers need to work hard to find their competitive advantage. That being said, a large number of third-party sellers if proof that being an Amazon reseller can be a profitable avenue to selling successfully on Amazon. If you’re considering opening an Amazon store as a reseller, there are some important factors you may want to consider, such as product, pricing, seller ranking, and branding. You can read more here about how to successfully resell on Amazon’s marketplaces.

As you can see, if you’re opening an Amazon store you need to properly perform research and prepare accordingly. With the help of Algopix, you can receive actionable data insights within a matter of minutes for thousands of products, and with flexible billing options, you’ll be sure to find the right option for your business’s specific needs.

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