Selling on Walmart Marketplace: 3 Top Reasons

Selling on Walmart Marketplace: 3 Top Reasons

According to Forbes, Walmart is one of the world’s largest public companies with eCommerce sales of 11.5 billion U.S Dollars in 2017. We at Algopix know that as a significant agent in sales and profitability increases, the Walmart marketplace is the ideal location for sellers to extend their customer bases with a presence in 27 countries.

As a seller on Walmart, one is presented with three unique opportunities:

1. Rapidly growing – Walmart is an essential channel for any seller with 44% year on year growth and according to recent statistics, Walmart achieved a total revenue of over 120 Billion U.S Dollars, a 4.4% increase during its first quarter in 2018. Walmart marketplace allows sellers to reach a diverse customer base with a heavy online traffic of more than 127 million unique visitors monthly and 100 million weekly. Moreover, with the acquisition of in 2016, sellers can now cross-list on both Walmart and marketplaces and benefit from shoppers who have a yearly income of over 100 thousand U.S Dollars.

2. Be The First! – For many popular products, you will discover there are no listings on Walmart marketplace, providing sellers with the chance to source new products. In contrast to Amazon, Walmart has far fewer unique SKUs with 10 million compared to Amazon’s 300 million presenting sellers with an exceptional opportunity to skyrocket in terms of product inventory.

3. Less Competition – The Walmart marketplace has significantly fewer competitors than does Amazon with 1,000 third-party sellers rather than Amazon’s millions third-party sellers, thereby allowing you as a seller to stand out. Furthermore, Walmart ranks products on the marketplace by price and not other factors like Amazon. The ranking is independent of the number of sellers, by that decreasing the competition level for sellers.

With Algopix’s assistance, sell on the Walmart marketplace and transform your business. Just check Walmart on Algopix Search, and grow your customer base within seconds. Don’t spend days wasting your time searching for potential products as Algopix’s Bulk Analysis feature allows sellers to upload files and research up to 200 products at a time. Like always, we provide not only price analysis, but full expenses break down as well (Walmart fees, shipping, and taxes).

Save time and focus on your other more pressing business needs by using Algopix search!

Happy Selling,
The Algopix Team