The Top 3 Benefits of Algopix’s New eBay Total Sales Feature

The Top 3 Benefits of Algopix’s New eBay Total Sales Feature

Drumroll, please! Algopix has officially added the brand new eBay Total Sales feature, designed to improve sales, reduce risks and help you grow your business on eBay. Even though it’s still only in beta mode, this new feature provides rapid sales analysis especially for eBay sellers.

What makes this eBay sales analysis tool so valuable? Read on for its top three benefits and take a look at the video explanation of our new eBay Total Sales feature here.

1. Sales Estimates

When you enter your product for analysis and scroll to the Product Sales Performance screen, you’ll see an eBay Sales Performance report, based on data provided by the eBay Sales Estimator.

The sales estimator integrates product sales signals from a variety of data points to yield valuable insights, including estimated monthly eBay sales units and revenue. With these insights, eCommerce business owners can make better decisions about what to sell and how to price.

You can decide how you would like to view this data. For example, you can opt to see numbers for each of the different markets you select. If you want to dig a little deeper and see the number of eBay sellers, price range, and average price of your product, simply click on the plus symbol next to the estimated sales or revenue figure. It’s all up to you — and all it takes is a few clicks.

2. Advanced Listing Filters

If you’re looking for a more detailed eBay sales analysis, you can take advantage of the advanced listing filters. These allow you to search for a product by

  • barcode, including model, UPC, EAN or ASIN number.
  • keywords filtered by the Algopix algorithm. This is helpful for when you can’t locate a barcode or product identifier for your product.
  • all keywords. This is a broader search that might provide some irrelevant products, but also greatly reduces the chance of missing any products.

3. Sales Breakdown

You can click on the View Sales Breakdown link to see even more valuable data in your eBay sales report, including your product’s eBay sales history. The Sales Breakdown Table can be navigated easily and offers a variety of sort and filter options.

Are you ready to sell on eBay?

Then let’s get started, because Algopix is ready to help you out with the eBay Total Sales tool.

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Happy eBay selling!