DMA Parts

Customer : DMA Parts Tuning

Challenge : Research, Research, Research

Solution : Using Algopix to Instantly Do Hours of Research

Added Value :

  • Analysis across multiple marketplaces

  • Rapid insights enable smart purchasing decisions

DMA Parts Tuning Significantly Cuts Research Time with Algopix

About DMA Parts Tuning

Based in Bonita Springs, Florida, DMA Parts Tuning is a top seller of auto parts specifically for German Audi and Volkswagen cars. Ryan Svckler, the owner of DMA Parts Tuning, moved away from his career in construction and started selling auto parts online nearly ten years ago.

“I have always been into cars as a hobby,” he explained, “and I had a lot of parts lying around so I started selling them online, and it was a success!”

Currently, DMA Parts Tuning sells around 600 unique products on Amazon and eBay, as well as around 3,000 on its own online platform.

The Challenge: Research, Research, Research

When it comes to selling auto parts, Svckler mentions that each selling platform has its own unique challenges. For example, on Amazon, some customers don’t check or receive their messages. This can lead to miscommunication with product specifications and, in the end, profit loss for DMA Parts Tuning. Each product earns an average profit margin of $15, but a returned product obviously means no profit for the company.

Svckler explained, “It’s nice to verify with our customers. We sell parts that are VIN-number specific and there could be up to 10 different options for one car. We like to verify that our customers will receive the correct parts.”

For eBay specifically, Svckler laments, “eBay changed maybe a couple of months ago. I’m not sure if this is because Amazon has taken over such a big share of the marketplace so more people are using Amazon. I don't really know what happened. Our sales, just all of a sudden, across the board, just dropped. That's when I started searching for a sales tool and came across Algopix”

Both of these issues pale compared to the biggest challenge of all: research.

Svckler explains, “Research is the most important thing that you do. Whether that's researching your suppliers, researching the products that you're going to sell, or researching the companies that you deal with, I would say that research is key—you’ve got to look into everything you do.”

Svckler knew he needed a tool to ease the process. With a few Google searches of different eBay sales tools, he came across Algopix.

“I did some research on it and it seemed like something that I should try out,”he said.

The Solution: Using Algopix to Instantly Do Hours of Research

Before finding Algopix, Svckler would spend days researching information for DMA Parts Tuning.

“I used to spend days doing research,” he said. ”However, now that he’s found Algopix, “it's easy. I just run a report through Algopix and see what's going on. I just get a better idea through reports.”

Svckler uses Algopix about once or twice a week.

“I use it to run reports on my customers and competitors to see what they're doing. And then we optimize it with things based on that. I pick about a competitor a week and go through everything and then when I’m done with that, I pick another. I'm just always going through those listings.”

He also uses the Algopix platform to research new products and see if they’re worth selling.

“Algopix saves a lot of time. It takes a lot of guesswork out of everything. The only other way you can do anything without a search tool like this is to go to eBay and search one listing at a time. It’s very time consuming, and with Algopix, you can cut your time down to minutes instead of days.”

Amazon, on the other hand, “doesn't have any transparency. You’re not going to get any information off of Amazon of what's selling and what's not just from searching Amazon. You need a research tool like Algopix.”

“Your tool is different from other tools I have used,” Svckler said, “and that's why I have it.”

Conclusion: A Highly Scalable Business and a Flexible Career

With the help of Algopix, DMA Parts Tuning is growing at an incredible rate of 40 percent week over week since their launch. Svckler is confident that Algopix will continue to help the business scale even more.

“I’ve personally built a handful of businesses, and part of that involved being part of teams that scaled projects and products from zero to something substantial. But you can’t do that without the right tools,” he said. “Algopix is the tool that we are using to help us scale in a short period of time.”

At the same time, launching his eCommerce business allowed Svckler to have a lucrative career using his experience in retail while giving him the flexibility to be with his family.

He highly recommends Algopix to eCommerce sellers. “In order to run a business today, it can’t be done based on gut instincts,” he noted. “You have to use the data to justify your decisions. That’s how Algopix helps.”

About Algopix

Algopix aggregates data from 16 global marketplaces in real time and analyzes over 12 million products for over 30,000 users worldwide. Using innovative, proprietary algorithms, Algopix provides online sellers with comprehensive actionable recommendations, product research, competitive analysis and more. The Algopix platform saves valuable time, reduces risks, and helps sellers make better, more informed decisions about new and current products in stock and expansion into international marketplaces.