Royal Mail eCommerce Solutions

Royal Mail eCommerce Solutions

Dating back from 1516, Royal Mail has been a global leader in the logistics industry, delivering packages and freight throughout the world. Royal Mail prides themselves on continuous improvement, innovation and becoming the best delivery company within the UK and across Europe. Royal Mail has operations in 44 countries around the world with annual revenue exceeding £10 billion. The Royal Mail Group has two primary businesses: Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide, which operates within the UK, and General Logistics Systems (GLS) for their other European and international markets.


What does Royal Mail do?

Royal Mail delivers more mail and packages than all of their competitors in the UK combined, which makes sense as to why Royal Mail is the leading logistics company within the United Kingdom. Over 74% of consumers in the UK trust Royal Mail to successfully deliver their packages. Royal Mail offers a variety of shipping solutions, with a choice of delivery speeds, both domestically and internationally, ranging from same day delivery within the UK to 1 business day delivery to various countries in Europe, USA, and Canada. Every delivery with Royal Mail is equipped with collection and drop off options, full tracking capabilities and compensation for lost or damaged products, depending on the Parcel Service used. Whether it’s for providing quick delivery solutions within the UK, or expanding your eCommerce business overseas, Royal Mail has a solution that will benefit and improve your business.

Royal Mail Innovations

As previously mentioned, Royal Mail prides themselves on innovation. This is especially important within the rapidly changing eCommerce industry. In 2017 alone, the eCommerce market grew 4 times faster than the typical Brick & Mortar retail market in the UK. Royal Mail is always looking for ways to enhance their services to meet the demands of the constantly changing market. One innovation Royal Mail developed was the introduction of their Parcel Post Boxes. Royal Mail placed 30 post boxes across London, allowing eCommerce sellers the ability to send prepaid packages through post boxes, the same way you can send letters. The addition of these parcel post boxes marked the first change in the use of post boxes in their 160-year existence in the UK. Royal Mail conceived this innovation with the goal of enabling eCommerce sellers to send out orders much faster and meet consumer demands for timely deliveries, a major characteristic of successful eCommerce sellers.

Delivery with Royal Mail on eBay and Amazon

Delivery with Royal Mail eCommerce is extensively used by eBay sellers, but not often used by sellers using Amazon. Being that Amazon has partnerships with UPS and FedEx, not many Amazon sellers use Royal Mail’s eCommerce solutions. However, this is not the case for eBay. Royal Mail for eBay sellers offers a simple, effective and efficient shipping solution for its UK sellers. With a variety of branches, collection, and shipping options, Royal Mail eCommerce delivery ensures eBay sellers that their eBay customers will get their products when they want them. According to research conducted by Hall & Partners, 75% of online shoppers will purchase again if delivery is handled by Royal Mail shipping. One of the biggest benefits Royal Mail provides is making return processes easier. Royal Mail offers tracked, fast and cost-effective returns, saving sellers time, headaches and money. As your eBay UK business grows, Royal Mail provides the solutions to allow your businesses to run smoothly.

Estimating Shipping Costs with Algopix

Analyzing shipping costs requires extensive research that can occupy a great deal of your time. Algopix, an automated product market research platform provides a solution to this time-consuming task. Simply enter a product identifier into the Algopix system, and within a matter of moments, you will be able to analyze demand, competition and all expenses associated with selling your product (shipping, taxes, PayPal). Algopix offers eBay UK sellers the ability to analyze shipping costs (based on the products dimensions) for any product being shipped from the UK. Using this information, customers can increase sales, lower risk, and develop a pricing strategy that provides the biggest profit margin.

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