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What is an ASIN and a UPC?

When entering the realm of eCommerce, it isn’t always easy to figure out the various factors at play, especially when it comes to ASIN, UPC, and EAN product identifiers. We’ve put together a brief guide so you can enhance your knowledge and begin to see sales climb.

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number and is a product identifier that is used by Amazon. It is ten characters long and includes letters as well as numbers.

A UPC (Universal Product Code), is a 12-digit code which is unique for every product. You can find it in the barcode. As implied by its name, this code is universal, meaning it isn’t limited to just Amazon.

While both ASIN and UPC identifiers help retailers quickly find a specific product, there is a big difference between them. While UPC identifiers work worldwide, Amazon’s ASIN is unique within a particular marketplace. This means that the ASIN for a given product in the U.S. can be different from that on Amazon U.K.


The role of UPC and ASIN for a seller

Product identifiers like UPC and ASIN help retailers keep an overview of their stock, track products, and quickly obtain product details. Online sellers also need them to more efficiently order and move inventory.

When selling on Amazon, your product must have an ASIN to be listed. Without an ASIN, your product will not be searchable, and you will end up with one big sad pile of deadstock. To make matters easier, when you provide the UPC to Amazon, they will automatically add the correct ASIN to your product listing.

Since the UPC is universal, most retailers, like Walmart and Amazon, will need it to identify the item and determine if the same item is sold elsewhere. When selling on eBay, you also need to provide the UPC because it will allow buyers to find products more quickly.

Providing the Universal Product Code is crucial as it will improve your product’s placement on eBay and search engines like Google.


ASIN to UPC converter

There can be times when you only have the ASIN of a product that you researched on Amazon, and you require the UPC because you want to order this product for your inventory from a manufacturer.

To find it, you can use Algopix’s ASIN to UPC converter. It allows you to input any ASIN and will deliver the matching UPC in a matter of seconds.

It is more common for sellers to have to convert UPC to ASIN because they want to find out if a specific product already is listed on Amazon. Luckily, Algopix’s tool works both ways: not only does it convert ASIN to UPC but also UPC to ASIN.


How it works

By accessing the Amazon ASIN database and cross-referencing it with other data points, Algopix is able to generate the UPC for any given ASIN.

The same process happens when converting from UPC to ASIN – Algopix accesses Amazon’s product catalog and finds the ASIN that corresponds to the inputted UPC.

This provides a quick and easy way for eCommerce professionals to obtain the information they need without having to search manually through Amazon’s catalog.

Algopix is the leading market intelligence platform for ecommerce sellers and retailers. We offer actionable insights that help our users make informed decisions about which products to sell, where to source them, and what price to set.


Bulk lookup

Most companies don’t want to look up numbers one by one. With the Algopix ASIN to UPC converter, you can input up to 3,000 products at a time to get a more comprehensive overview of the market.

This is especially useful if you want to find out which products you can add to your catalog that will help you reach a larger audience or get an inside look at best-sellers.


Additional information

But the bulk analysis doesn’t just convert ASIN to UPC, it offers so much more. If you are operating in Europe, you will also likely need the European Article Number (EAN) (also known as the International Article Number). Luckily, Algopix also offers ASIN to EAN and EAN to UPC conversion and it will be included in the bulk data report.

It also includes:

  • Product title
  • Description
  • Market-specific recommendations
  • Shipping information
  • Category trees
  • Prices
  • URLs
  • Demand
  • And more!

If you want to get the most out of your product research, Algopix is the solution for you. We offer the most comprehensive product analysis on the market, and our ASIN to UPC converter is just one of our many helpful tools.